Sculpture garden in wetlands

The Upper Somme Valley is marked by water and was shaped by farming. As these practices declined, the landscape gradually fell into neglect. To reinvigorate its natural and cultural heritage, the Pays Santerre Haute Somme created the festival “Arts aux Jardins”. The project was built in a series of community workshops on an abandoned island. The sinouous form of the garden is inspired by the local myth of “The Fairy Eel”. A winding path is defined with grasses, native vegetation and vines. The character of the eel continues to appear and disappear in custom combinations of steel, rebar, wood and tile – emerging as a bridge, a bench, an arch, a handrail and a sculpture that stands five meters high.

Context : Voyennes (80) / 2012 / 1000 m2

Client : Pays Santerre Haute Somme
Team : Sensomoto / Rémi Damiens (sculptor)
Mission : Design and build / Community workshops