Planted mounds in a historic park

The Walks is a historic park in the heart of the port city of King’s Lynn, UK. It is characterized by the iconic Red Mount Chapel and the Gaywood River running through it. The previously underused project site is adjacent to a new playground and a café. Inspired by the islands that form spontaneously in riverbeds, the garden evokes the connection between the city and its estuary. It fits into the surrounding context while, at the same time, is distinguished by its unique topography. Sculpted curves and angles of earth form graphic circulation that pull people into its interior and create a sense of immersion. Ornamental grasses and native perennials line the mounds. The uses vary with the seasons and imagination of the passersby.

Context : King’s Lynn (UK) / 2013 / 1 200 m2
Client : Borough Council of King’s Lynn
Team : Sensomoto
Mission : Design and build